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    Dive on in, the water’s lovely!

    Transform your pet’s wellbeing today.

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    Dive on in, the water’s lovely!

    Professional, caring, qualified

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    Dive on in, the water’s lovely!

    Caring and friendly

Canine Hydrotherapy for Rehabilitation & Fitness in Wiltshire, Dorset and surrounding areas

Here at Pet Waves we offer canine hydrotherapy for the purpose of rehabilitation, exercise, fun, fitness or maintenance of your dog’s condition and also as an introduction to water.


Quality & Focused Treatment

Run by Joanna, a qualified veterinary nurse with over 12 years’ experience and our hydrotherapist, we tailor every swim to your dog’s individual needs to ensure the best treatment and regularly report back to your vet with progress updates.

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Caring & Friendly

We offer help and support during your time with us and enjoy forming close relationships with our clients as we increase fitness and promote healing for your beloved pet.

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Swimming Is Beneficial

Swimming with us helps to aid recovery from many injuries, helps to maintain quality of life for older dogs, helps to increase fitness for agility training or can be used as a simple introduction to water for nervous or young dogs.

Increased joint range of movement
Increased muscle strength
Improved cardiovascular fitness
Decreased pain and inflammation
Relaxation of muscle tension/ spasm

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Quiet Location & Easy to Find

Nestled in the small village of Dinton, just 8 miles from Salisbury we offer professional yet friendly swimming for your dog either by recommendation of a Vet for rehabilitation or if you want to keep your dog fit and active.

Professional, Caring, Qualified

We are members of the ‘National Association of Canine Hydrotherapists’ (NARCH) who are a leading organisation in the regulations associated with canine hydrotherapy and ensure all its members meet the highest professional standards to ensure all treatments are undertaken correctly.


  • “Our Golden Retriever Koda started his sessions by having to be lifted into the pool as he wasn’t confident enough to climb in, soon he learned how much fun he’d have and he would drag me across the car park to get in the pool!
    The improvement in his leg was incredible, I now have a stronger, more confident dog!”

    -Jo M

  • “Our Labrador Poppy absolutely adores her swimming and cannot wait to get through the door! Our weekly sessions are making a big difference- Jo is so knowledgeable and really cares about her clients. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Pet Waves!”

    -Sharon J

  • “Can’t thank Pet Waves enough for the work they have done and continue to do for our agility dogs, the difference in the suppleness and tight turns is quite amazing. Chilli has had problems with tight hamstrings and I wasn’t sure she would relax in the pool, but thanks to Jo’s caring approach she is swimming away and flying round her agility course and just gone grade 7 ready for champ next year!”

    -Alex Y

  • “Jo and Matt are a great team who really take the time to get to know your pet. They have worked wonders on my little pug, Dylis, who now wags her tail all the way to Dinton as she absolutely loves her sessions. This is not only because they have taught her to swim, but because she loves them too (and the treats she gets after her swim). I would thoroughly recommend Pet Waves to everyone!!”

    -Clare LB

  • “A great big thank you to Joe and Matt for helping Kye get her strength back in her legs. In such a short time there has been a dramatic change and she is happy to be allowed off the lead once again. Very happy with the outcome guys, I would definitely recommend you both x”

    -Davina R

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