Bear, Border Collie- Bilateral Hip Dysplasia




3 years


Border Collie


Bilateral Hip Dysplasia

Bear started attending the centre for hydrotherapy in October 14 following diagnosis of bilateral (both hips affected) hip dysplasia.

Hip dysplasia is a common developmental disorder of the hip joint characterised by pain and laxity which leads to osteoarthritis.
The best treatment depends on many factors, options include non-surgical management such as body weight management, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, medication and surgical management such as total hip replacement.

Bear’s condition has been managed non-surgically and the hydrotherapy is used for strengthening specific muscles and to improve gait (how he walks). The buoyancy of the water provides support to the body which in turn reduces the load on the affected joints whilst exercising the necessary muscles. Bear undertakes straight swims, zig zags and circles in the water to promote muscle use and his condition is being carefully maintained and controlled with the use of ongoing hydrotherapy.

What The Client Said:

Border collie Bear was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at just 3 months old . He struggled to stand from a laying position and limped badly and I was told to expect him to need a double hip replacement . We started weekly hydrotherapy with Jo and Matt and in no time at all the limp had vanished and he was leaping around like a gymnast ! Three years later and he is such a happy , healthy dog with no need for painkillers or anti inflammatories all as a result of his ongoing hydrotherapy sessions . Bear is not a great lover of water but dutifully swims to impress Jo whom he totally adores . Pet waves has transformed Bears life and we will be forever grateful.