Koda, Golden Retriever – Cruciate Ligament Rupture




1 year


Golden Retriever


Cruciate Ligament Rupture – repaired surgically

Koda completed a course of 10 hydrotherapy sessions following diagnosis and repair of a cruciate ligament rupture following an acute injury.

The cruciate ligament is located in the stifle joint or knee in the dog’s hind limbs and are required for the stability of the stifle. Rupture of the ligament is very common and there is either a degenerative or traumatic element to its failure.
There are a number of cruciate ligament rupture treatments which include conservative management and surgical repairs.

Koda’s cruciate ligament was repaired by a technique called extra capsular stabilisation (outside the joint capsule). He started to attend the centre for hydrotherapy in April 17. Following a full assessment he was gently introduced to the hydrotherapy pool. The hydrotherapy pool provides non-weight bearing exercise and builds appropriate muscle mass improving overall function and strength in his hind limbs. He made excellent progress starting with just 5 minutes of active swimming in the first sessions with full buoyancy aid increasing to 17 minutes with just a harness by the end of his sessions. Over the weeks his muscle bulk increased as did his strength and he returned to normal gait. He also found a new found fondness of swimming and really enjoyed himself in the water.

What The Client Said:

Jo and Matt were amazing with our Golden Retriever Koda. Koda started his sessions by having to be lifted into the pool by Matt as he wasn't confident enough to climb in, soon he learned how much fun he'd have and he would drag me across the car park to get in the pool! The improvement in his leg was incredible, Jo judged how long he could spend in the water each time and challenged him to improve at the right pace. It was great to see from how weak the leg was from session one, watching the leg grow stronger each time and at the end of our sessions a different, stronger, more confident dog!