Professionally Qualified, Family Run Hydrotherapy in Wiltshire

Our Facilities 1

At Pet Waves, we offer a purpose-built hydrotherapy pool which is 3.6m in length 2.5m in width and 1.2m deep and heated to a temperature of between 28-32 degrees. It is also sanitised with chlorine and tested regularly to ensure a safe swimming environment.

The pool has safe access by means of an access ramp and ramps are used throughout the building to make it easy for pets that can’t cope with steps.

Our Facilities 2

The pool is also fitted with twin swim jets which can be used to create a current in the pool allowing for longer forward motion and enabling us to increase the intensity of the swims. The jets are also used for fitness training, to provide sensory input to the dog and for the stronger swimmers.

Every dog is issued with a buoyancy aid and one of our own collars to ensure they are safe in the water.

Our Facilities 3

At the end of their swim every dog will be given a shower in our shower area and if requested, a shampoo. We will then towel dry your dog with our amazing dog chamois and offer them a post swim doggy treat!

We have ample free parking opposite our building and plenty of space for a wander with your dog before or after your session.